RV Loans Starting at $20,000.00 and Refinancing Starting at $75,000.00
Credit Scores 690 or Higher Are Required

What is the benefit of working with National Lenders for your RV financing?


RV Financing is available to you with Chesapeake Financial Services, a new and used RV loan company. We work within your budget, protect your credit, and evaluate your income to best match you with a new RV loan that fits your needs. We are a national lender based in Annapolis, MD.


Our qualified and experienced team members are not just financial experts, we are all passionate about New RV Loans, travel, and sharing our passions with the community so everyone can travel to the extent of their imagination.


Obtaining a new RV loan is quicker than you think, so talk to us today about RV financing options so you can be on the open road before you know it. 

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Financing Options to Fit Your Lifestyle

Flexible RV Loan Financing Available

Benefits of selecting Chesapeake Financial as your National Lender for New RV loans


At Chesapeake Financial, you can receive RV financing, even if you are:

  • Self Employed
  • Have Difficulty Providing with Proof of Income
  • Have Budget Concerns or Other Financial Worries

A new RV loan is possible for those seeking RV financing in the US. Our experienced crew has worked with various incomes, employment statuses, and more. This allows us to be equipped to help almost anyone achieve the RV they’ve been dreaming of.

When you are ready to begin, you can apply for a used RV loan on our website for free! We are also available to assist you with RV loans over the phone, and we will return your call on the same day if you happen to catch us out-of-office and need to leave a voicemail.

With a promised response in 24-hours and sometimes instant approvals with high credit on select models, what are you waiting for? Your RV loan is waiting for you, and we want to help you get there.

We do not finance RVs that are older than 2006. Credit scores 740 or higher are required for RVs older than 10 years old

5th wheel Financing
Financing for campers
Down Payments You Can Afford

New and Used RV Financing With Chesapeake Financial

What RV Financing Looks Like 


Our New and Used RV Loans begin at $20,000 and go as high as $2-Million.  We do not finance RVs older than 2006.


Minimum down payments options:


  • 10% on RV loans up to $99,999
  • 15% on RV loans over $100,000
  • 20% on RV loans over $500,000


Trade equity does count towards the down payment on the New RV loans. Get in touch to discuss your options for RV financing. Income verification is not normally required on most New RV loans under $100,000 for units 15 years old and newer, and up to $149,999 on units 2016 and newer.


We offer RV refinancing options beginning at $75,000 and up on your existing recreational vehicle loans. We also work to adjust your current RV financing. 


Our new RV loans team works hard to ensure your RV travel journey can begin, so if you have any questions or concerns, we are open to discuss all of our down payments and options that could assist you. 

we look at your needs

RV Loan Interest Rates that Work for You

What types of RV loan interest rates that Work for You


New RV loans interest rates with Chesapeake Financial begin at 4.24% on large Used RV loans with excellent credit. There may be other rates that apply. These are based on the age of the vehicle, total amount financed, and credit scores.


Reach out to us to discuss your New RV loans when looking for the recreational vehicle you want to purchase — we will help ensure you have considered your options to find the best RV loan rate for you.


Because of our decades of experience and dedication to our clients, we will always try to find a positive solution that works for you.

RV Loans for Campers and 5th Wheels
Is Your RV Covered

RVs Covered Under Used RV Loans and New RV Loans

Chesapeake Financial can provide New RV loans on 2006 model years and newer. We consider older diesel model years on a case by case basis. The Used RV loans vary depending on the size of the loan, the age of the vehicle, and credit scores. We accommodate broker, dealer, and private sales for RV financing. We are a National Lender based in Annapolis, MD. 

We Offer RV Loans For:
We Do Not Finance:

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Utilize our simple online application. This allows you to apply for an RV loan immediately with a response provided within 24 hours. 

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Chesapeake Financial will provide you a timely response within 24 hours of your application. Give us a call or get started online so you can stop wondering and start buying. 

Flexible Financing

No matter what your financial background is we will work towards a positive solution. Get in touch today to see what your RV loan options are. 

Years of Experience

Trust a team with over four decades of experience. You want to feel confident moving ahead with your financing, and we will get you there with professional reliability. 

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